New Sausage on the horizon.

Not in my house thank goodness. BUT there is a small cute button called Pip who has just landed from planet sausage in her new home in Aberdeen and there is no two ways about it – she is a cutie pie.

“She” the woman who claims to love me, is desperate to go North and snuggle it. I have to confess I am slightly anxious – will she prefer it to me? Will I be “let go”? Will I need to google ‘new homes for disillusioned sausages?” and if I do what will come up.

Its all a bit of a concern and in order to calm myself I have identified a tennis ball which I will chew until the fluff is all in my tum – that usually helps.  Anyway heres a photo of Pip. 6236f5fa-ccb9-40a6-9729-2d74f1743841

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